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Protected under patents in North America also with approved filings in 32 countries across Europe, in South Africa, Australia and Japan our unique flavoring process allows for the infusion of all natural fruit flavors into naturally dried fruit – Raisins, Currants, etc.

Without the use of chemicals or other additives, our patented process enables us to naturally enhance the FLAVOUR and AROMA of the "host" dried fruit creating a "NEW", more exciting and natural fruit product to be enjoyed by consumers of all ages.

The result is a new Healthy Fruit Snack or ingredient that is ALL NATURAL, FAT FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, rich in ANTIOXIDANTS, without TRANS FATS, GLUTEN FREE, PEANUT FREE and a good source of IRON, POTASSIUM and dietary FIBRE with a shelf life of 12 months. Our products are Freer Flowing when compared to regular raisins. Our raisins are OU Kosher certified. Our products can easily be incorporated into any production process.

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