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From: Steve & Licia
Subject: Would like to attain product - Amazin' Raisin

To Whom it may concern,

I was given your product in a packed lunch on an airline for Signature Vacations going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and I was floored by how great it was. I have been searching for this product ever since.

I would like to buy your product however I have looked everywhere here in Calgary, Alberta, and I cannot find these. They are the best raisin product, especially for snack purposes, I have ever come across. I am not a big raisin fan, and I couldn't believe the natural flavour of yours. Could not get enough. Had to eat my husband's too...ha, ha.

How would an individual buy a quantity of such? The orange was fabulous, so I would assume the others are also great. Do you have a price/online payment registry, or may I send you a cashier's cheque? Either way I am very interested in buying your product, for personal consumption (possibly a variety of different flavoured boxes). I say when you pay for quality, you get it, however you also provide quantity within your packets. I would also put on my radar marketing this product and selling it out here in Alberta (even BC), because I know that this product will sell. I think it would be a great idea. You probably know this as well....if there isn't an individual or business that has already been selling your product and I am missing who it is!!

Please let me know what I can do, who I may contact, or where I may go, to buy your fabulous and outstanding product...Thanks so much for the pleasure. I just hope you can help on my quest to attain more....

I look forward to your response. Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.

Licia Ellen
Calgary AB

Skinny in New York

Raisin the bar

When I was little, I loved raisins. I was that kid who even ate them on Halloween. Now I’m glad I got into the habit young — eating raisins is such an easy way to sneak in an extra serving of fruit a day. It’s a perfect on-the-go snack solution, too, whether for everyday eating or sports. When training for a marathon a few years back, I would keep a small pack in the pocket of my shorts to give me extra energy when I needed it.

Needless to say, I’ve eaten a lot of raisins in my life. But I’ve never tasted ones better than those made by Amazin’ Raisin. Even if you don’t like raisins, you’ll like these. A bold statement? Perhaps. But there’s a reason. Amazin’ Raisin raisins come in various flavors: orange, lemon, peach, cherry, strawberry, banana, and pineapple. (The brand also makes dried currants that taste like dried blueberries — heavenly!) The raisins are all-natural, have no added sugar or salt, and are gluten-free. Each pouch has 84 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and plenty of iron and potassium, making them a great snack for kids and adults. In fact, now that I told our founder — and raisin fan herself — Tanya Zuckerbrot about Amazin’ Raisin, she keeps a pack in her bag and sends her kids to school with their own pouches every day. So these raisins have triple approval: two dietitians and a few choosy kids. Not bad!

Ava’s Tip: Have a sweet tooth? After your next meal, toss a few flavored raisins in your mouth to banish that craving — guilt-free!

Hello again Hector:

My grandchildren ages four, two and one loved these snacks as well thanks again for help, it is wonderful to have all natural snack options.

Thanks again
Dawn Campbell

Hello Hector:

I found your raisins at Walmart and the name is perfect they are Amazin’, I bought a box of each of the flavours Walmart had (orange, peach, strawberry and lemon) and brought them into work with me today and everyone really enjoyed them.  I will see my grand children this weekend so we will see what the biggest critic’s have to say once they try them.

Thanks again
Dawn Campbell

While traveling this past month to Costa Rica via Sky Service from Toronto we were given a complimentary package of Amazin'Raisins orange flavour. It was bursting with a wonderful flavour of orange. Numerous passengers were mentioning the great tasting snack. I was immediately "Hooked".Coming back after a two week vacation I was checking the local grocery retailers if the product was available. Finally I've found the "Amazin'Raisin"listed at the Wal-mart store.
I'm Hooked.


Wow, we've discovered your raisins and they are indeed amazing. I bought them at Walmart. I was pleasantly surprised, when I read the label, that I was buying a Canadian product. I've never seen them in other stores, though. That's not to say they're not there... just that I haven't seen them.

Could you please tell me which grocery stores carry Amazin Raisins? I live in Mississauga, Ontario.



Amazin Raisins were a big hit at the MTV Movie Awards. We put your great raisins in Dressing rooms, back stage and handed them out to the crowd!

In order of preference, Strawberry reigned supreme followed by orange, then lemon. Many people asked after the peach flavor (listed on the side of the box) but we didn't have that one to sample.

have you ever considered a bag with mixed flavors inside? I think that would be very popular as many people were making their own mixes throughout the show.

The dancers were especially happy about the raisins! You may be hearing from some of the Dance troop organizers.

The coordinator from the Miss Universe pageant was there and she will be contacting you about your raisins.

I hope you like the pictures! Please let me know if I may provide any additional feedback about them. I am working 1 more day on set, then Thursday morning will be off to NYC for 2 weeks of work (and hopefully some fun) there.

Thanks again Hector!
Outstanding product!

Patricia Clark
Clark Catering Co.

I recently returned from a trip, on the plane they served us Amazing raisins. I would like to know where I can buy this product in Alberta. They are absolutely the best raisins - fruit snack I have ever tasted.

Thank you,

New York Giants

I wanted to contact you immediately after opening up the package of raisins that my children received as Halloween treats.

 As a Dietitian, mother of 3, and a Health Care company employee, and a volunteer for the school lunch program, I was truly amazed with your product! Most parents may raid their children’s Halloween treats for those delicious chocolaty treats which often are plentiful around the end of October, although I personally raided their raisins.  Unfortunately, there was only 1 package in each of their bags, so now I am left with a strong desire to buy them, and no idea where I can obtain your product.  I am located in Illinois.  I spent 7 years supervising a Hospital Dietary department, 13 yrs in the corporate food service industry, and wish I had your product in our inventory.  They are Delicious, fresh, aromatic, and not overly/artificially sweet.    


Thank you very much,

Northbrook, IL

I would just like to thank you for bringing Cherry Raisins into the supermarkets.  I had an awful time at the dentist with my 4 year old daughter this week, so decided to only let her drink water in future and try to give her some tasty snacks which are not full of sugar and are beneficial to her.  I saw the Cherry Raisins in my local Sainsbury store and liked what I read so decided to try a packet.  My daughter and I both love them.  She starts school in January, so I now have a tasty snack for her which she can have in her lunchbox. 

It is great to find something for my child which is 100% natural, with nothing artificial!

Many thanks & keep up the good work.



hi there everyone at natural balance foods!

my name is harriet and i'm nearly 16.

i was writing to tell you how much i luuurve your cherry raisins!
i've tried the lemon and orange ones but the cherry ones are simply the

i take a packet of them in my lunch box every day,
with v. kind regards



Just a quickie to say how lovely the cherry raisins are!  Super!  I very rarely find something I like that much that I need to let the company know, however, these are truly delicious and I love the fact that they're so natural!

Really looking forward to being one of your customers.




Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I saw your raisins in Sainsburys the other day. Thought I'd get one of each flavour to try and they were seriously the NICEST things I have ever tasted!! Good job :)
(I snuck back there today to stock up...)
Thank you for making amazing tasting and healthy snacks!


Hi Guys,
Just like to say I discovered you today in Sainsbury's and I thought your Cherry Raisins are quite yummy, I shall return tomorrow for more. Your packaging made me giggle,& you support Animal Aid, BRILLIANT!!!
Keep up the good work for us people who like to eat healthy