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Just Launched - Amazin'Cinnamon Raisins

Very latest addition to our range. Developed specifically for the baking industry. All of the natural Sweetness and Aroma of Cinnamon captured in the raisins. Perfect for Bagels, Breads, Trail Mixes and Cinnamon Rolls.

New!! - Amazin' Blueberries Nutritional Info

Made From Currants. Same appearance and sensory experience offered by blueberries with greater health benefits than blueberries. No sugar is added to our product, its all natural.

New!! - Amazin' Espresso Raisins Nutritional Info

The wonderful, unmistakable smooth taste of a European "Espresso" coffee without the caffeine. Also available in Cappuccino, Peppermint Mocha and Irish Cream coffee. DELICIOUS!

New!! - Amazin' Smoky Raisins Nutritional Info

Wow what an experience. Real Smoky aroma and taste. All natural and very healthy. Available in Smoky Chipotle and Hickory Smoke Bacon.

Coming Soon - Amazin 'Cranberries Nutritional Info

The AMAZIN' CRANBERRY will soon join our exciting range of all natural, unique, healthy and delicious products – The sweet taste and aroma of fresh fruit captured in one of nature's healthiest foods – Cranberries.